Examples Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Love definitely is a feeling that encompasses not only the mind and body of two people but it somehow creates a bond between them. In fact, romantic writing bordered heavily on love between two people, thus giving rise to the belief that love overrides all other emotions. ‘love’ has been in the fore front of the society over the ages. The idea of falling in and out of love is not exactly new, it had to face umpteen challenges, obstacles to raise its pretty head, and prompt generations to be its followers! But the irony is ‘love’ and it is misunderstood and misplaced. Society created boundaries and dammed it – citing hierarchy, class strata, crushed it as an unnecessary luxury of the people and scaring them with unimaginable misery and
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Romeo expresses his new found feelings for Juliet even more poetically that he did for Rosaline, with his unexpected change of heart, he proves that his "love" for Rosaline was just infatuation
One of the main themes in Romeo and Juliet is love, and possibly the best example of this concerns Juliet. We first meet her when love is distant from her wits. She is very innocent and quiet, with both her mother and the Nurse reminding the audience she is 13 years old. However, within minutes of meeting Romeo she has been kissed twice, and even tells him he kisses 'by th 'book ' , sensing he is either lacks passion or an expert
The true love of Romeo and Juliet is the most powerful by far. Romeo and Juliet only had to glance at each other and it was love at first sight. Although they loved their families and knew what they felt for each other and what they were doing was wrong, they still continued. This is to say that they had an urge, an uncontrollable lust and love for each other that is above anything else. At the end of the story, it is again proven that their love is the most powerful one because they were prepared to die together rather than live
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