Examples Of Love In The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe

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When she thought of what she used to imagine was God she could only see Mister Singer with a long white sheet around him. God was silent. Those who must tell all who seek transformation via the one who listens cannot see beyond their need to the loneliness of their priest. The selflessness of Singer moves out and encompasses his fellows, making them long for the solace of his quite spirit. The room in which Singer sits communicates stillness, acceptance, and peace. Townspeople come to him for renewal without heeding either their dependence or his personhood. They come face to face with the mute and meet them. McCullers writes of Jake: The mute’s face was in his mind very clearly. It was like the face of a friend he had known for a long time. He began walking again down the hot, deserted street. He did not walk as a stranger in a strange town. Another concept she supports fictionally is that in a disorganized society these…show more content…
The Ballad of the Sad Café contains love by providing her main characters with an additional physical deformity which becomes most obvious in the grotesques characters. In her novel, McCullers displays her most vivid example of unrequited love with the triangle created by the novel’s three main characters namely Miss. Amelia, Cousin Lymon and Marvin Macy. The novel is a triangle of love in portraying Miss. Amelia’s love for Cousin Lymon, Cousin Lymon’s love for Marvin Macy, and Marvin Macy’s love for Miss. Amelia. One has to observe the relationships between the lover and the beloved. She describes love as a joint experience between two persons, but explains that the experience is often very different for those involved. The object of this love is incidental and the lover has a store of love that needs to be projected. It is the love itself that must be spent and the value and quantity of any love is determined solely by the lover
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