Love In American Literature Essay

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Love is one of those terms nobody can define but everybody knows or has their own meaning to. Love is messy and perfect and can be explained so many different ways. One way love has been shown is in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald we see a poor child full of ambition being taken under the wing of a wealthy man who groomed the child to success. While in another piece of American literature ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, the readers are shown a self-sacrifice for love when character John Proctor confesses to save his Wife, Elizabeth. We are shown two different interpretations of love through American literature and now we are shown the idea or somebody’s perspective of love and how love is currently represented in today’s society through…show more content…
Rap has been a platform for people to express their love for either people important in their life or social movements in society. While some music portrays violence it can’t be denied when those few rose in the concrete songs do emerge and shine through the rest. One noticeable song about love is the love Grammy winning artist Kanye West had for his mother in his song Dear Mama. Kanye expresses the love his mother had for him and how he is grateful in the first half of the song and in the second half he tells her how he is willing to buy his mother anything she wants in thanks of supporting him through his life “I said mommy I 'ma love you 'til you don 't hurt no more And when I 'm older you ain 't gotta work no more And I 'ma get you that mansion that we couldn 't afford” through this quote we see the strong bond Kanye had with his mother Donna West and thanks his mother for supporting him when he didn’t go to college to peruse music and now that he is a success he credits her as the reason and will do anything to make her happy and that it doesn’t need to be a special occasion for Kanye to buy his mother a new car. The song became such a success that there is even an unofficial ‘Hey Mama Day’ which is on the day of Donna’s death, November 10th. While love has changed over the years having love for your mother has been seen as one of the most important things in modern
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