Examples Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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The great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald / Penguin / 187p
I read a book ‘The Great Gatsby’. It was a story about Gatsby who got rich to meet again daisy and after all gain nothing. This book is so famous, thus I want to tell more about my feeling.
If we keep missing someone or desire to protect them, we usually believe such feelings are the sign of “love” Of course, individual differences exist in how much they love and what or who they love and thus we can’t define what is love precisely. However, unquestionably, it is common element that we have enthusiastic heart to somebody. Can’t we say that take care of somebody more than any others with profound affection is love? But in The great Gatsby, we must consider about this subject: Justification of the tolerance called love. Occasionally, we say “I give you forgiveness because I love you.” And sometimes people are up to no good to save their love. Although such error could not be forgiven if we be rational, we forgive blunders or faults in the name of love.
To be sure, in itself, love is pure and gorgeous feeling so we must not evaluate other’s love indiscreetly. However, what if we damage to other people with our acting for love? How we can set limits to that abstract word, “love” Thus to put it mildly, I consider Gatsby’s love is strikingly beautiful. Whatever he did to earn money or cheat his conscience, the whole shooting match he did was only for Daisy. Every move he made came from love for Daisy. Indubitably, it is love
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