Examples Of Love In The Wizard Of Oz

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Wizard Of Oz
Love of Dorothy and Wisdom of the Scarecrow Many animals and people show love and wisdom throughout their daily lives. Animals and humans show love because they all have a heart and every heart has love. For example, children and their parents show love because of the bond they have with each other. Animals and humans demonstrate wisdom everyday without even knowing. For instance, when ever someone has a question or needs help from someone, the person that responds very well shows wisdom. Like the real world of humans and animals, in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Dorothy shows love and the Scarecrow show wisdom, because they both wanted to get to The Great Oz and to help Dorothy get home to Kansas. Dorothy showed love because she was at back home in Kansas, she was about to leave the Emerald City, and when she was leaving her
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First, when Dorothy got back home in Kansas she demonstrated love. “There is no place like home.” This showed love because Dorothy loved her house and missed her house. This demonstrated love because she was very happy to be back with her family. Also, this showed love because she missed her family very much and felt safe being at home with a protective family she knows very well. Another example of love was when Dorothy and her friends were about to leave the Emerald City. “I have been treated in your lovely city, and everyone has been good to me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.” Dorothy showed love when she said this because the people that helped her were very kind to fix them and take care of them. Also, she demonstrated love when she said this because she wanted to thank the people in a nice, kind way because they were nice and kind to Dorothy and her friends.
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