Examples Of Loyalty And Loyalty In Of Mice And Men

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Examine how far George and Lennie are loyal to each other throughout 'Of mice and men'
In the novella 'Of Mice and Men', by the well-known author, John Steinbeck, the reader is introduced to a varied range of different characters on the ranch; within this realm loyalty between George and Lennie plays a significant role in the lonely itinerant lifestyle. The characters in this short novel act in a world of their own, having no connections to any other type of society; through this Steinbeck can strongly depict the theme of loyalty and friendship in dire situations during this period of time. During the 1930's, at the ranch, a predominant role of intelligent white-males is seen to retain power over lesser groups of people, of which Lennie is portrayed to be this part as he is mentally disabled. Despite this George and Lennie strike up a friendship of loyalty: showing firm and constant support. 'Guys like us got no fambly...they ain't got nobody in the worl' that gives a hoot in hell about 'em' sums up the reason why their loyalty and companionship is so vital and special to each other. However, this topic is highly controversial due to Georges sense of power and dominance over Lennie. With reference to how Steinbeck presents this friendship, I will further examine how far George and Lennie are loyal or disloyal to each other. …show more content…

This language engages the reader through sensory engagement and furthermore depicted through the long vowel sounds in 'deep pool'. Consequently, this heightens and mirrors the idealized friendship between George and Lennie which, through nature, is judged to be loyal and

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