Examples Of Loyalty In Julius Caesar

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Loyalty, Trust, and Betrayal

Trust and loyalty are two of the most needed attributes for a relationship to work. When those things are broken, betrayal is close to follow. Humans want to trust and be loyal to one another. Unfortunately these tend to be some of the most broken structures in life whether your trust is held within a: friendship, stranger, family bonds or a romantic affair with a loved one. The novel “1984” written by George Orwell and the medium “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare both manage to show how trust and loyalty can easily be broken, and betrayal can erupt out of nowhere from the ones you love or thought you loved. When things seemed too good to be true especially for Winston and Julius that is when things proceeded
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The biggest example of being betrayed by someone who you thought was your friend is Julius Caesar but he may have overestimated his relationship with Brutus. In the beginning of the play, Brutus was faced with the big decision of staying loyal to Rome who he loved, or staying loyal to Caesar to which he had also loved. Brutus was a very weak man, in the sense that, his loyalty to his country and being persuaded by others had blinded him by seeing the true loyalty he should have embedded towards Caesar instead. The question was who did Brutus love more, and at last, he stabbed Caesar in the back figuratively and physically, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more”(Shakespeare 3.2.2). Brutus had been the final man to make the decision to kill Caesar out of the good of Rome. Although Brutus betrayed his bond with Caesar, he had stayed loyal to Rome and they showed loyalty back by doing their best to help him and by saying he had died a hero. Julius Caesar’s last words were, “Et Tu Brute”(Shakespeare 3.1) meaning in other words “you too Brutus” as he was shocked that his best friend had destroyed the meaning of trust and loyalty in a friendship. This is yet another example of, you can’t trust everyone you know, and learn how to trust your own
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