Examples Of Magic In Harry Potter Movies

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The Magic in the Harry Potter Movies

The Harry potter movies are about magic but the real magic is the work and props and special effects and more importantly the hard work put into the films.

In the movies the used so many props when filming they occupied five warehouses to store all of the props. There was also an Animal Department, a Creatures Department, a Visual and Special Effects Department, and so many more, all of these props were necessary and helped make the story by J.K. Rowling really come to life. The animations in this film are kept to a minimum but there are a few witch add some real drama to the films. Some examples ore Quidditch was the work of the special effects and visual effects
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there was Also Dolores Umbridge, the evil professor who wore pink, had a very pink office in the Ministry of Magic. Dozens of plates with cats painted on them hung on the walls. Only the cats weren't actually painted. Producers snapped photos of cats then digitally implanted them onto the plates during post-production.and one more was that They had created models of things like Dobby and Mandrake plants that could be scanned into computers by the visual effects department which would then create computer-generated versions and also Voldemort's face was half-human, half-digital. Makeup artists covered actor Ralph Fiennes with temporary tattoos for veins and gave him contact lenses, fake eyebrows, nails and teeth. The digital team switched out his nose for snake-like slits.Some of the objects in the harry potter films were some important that they needed more than one of them they were also some very large objects .18 cars were used to film Harry and Ron's getaway sequence in "The Chamber of Secrets.for size there was three old double-decker buses were used to build the 22-foot high Knight Busd 5,000 pieces of furniture, 12,000 handmade books, 25,000 printed pages of The Quibbler, and 40,000 Weasley's Wizard…show more content…
For example In every one of the movies the floating candles in the great hall were hundreds of real candles suspended by wires, which were digitally removed. But while the first movie was being filmed, there was a problem. The heat from the flames burned through the wires and caused candles to drop onto the tables. Afterward, all the floating candles were created digitally.then there was The potions classroom that actually got bigger during the filming of the "Harry Potter" movies. They had to expand the set to make room for all the extra materials like the hundreds of glass bottles that lined the walls of the classroom were filled by workers with any strange thing they could find, from tufts of hair to unwanted guts or bones from local butchers. And one other one was Dumbledore's office was designed by producers who used hundreds of British phone books in leather to fill the bookshelf of his office, and placed 48 portraits on the walls of the portraits were of past Hogwarts' headmasters. The pensive, where Dumbledore showed Harry his memories, was decorated with more than 800 tiny, hand-labeled vials. And there was ron's house and To make the house look old rickety but loved, no walls in the set were at a right angle. Support beams were yanked out of place after the set was built. Then there was the final one The moving staircases, in Hogwarts there were a combination of one real
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