Examples Of Manipulation In The Crucible

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The essential components of manipulation can range from many views of a person or an object. The main components of manipulation is the use of fear or information against a person or something. In the views of many, there is a fear, superstition, or any personal beliefs are key ways to twist the thoughts of someone or something. In The Crucible, Abigail was able to use the superstition and fear of witches against the town of Salem to manipulate them into turning against one another, faking that she was capable of scouting witches and their spirits, while she accused many so she will have a way to get rid Elizabeth while maintaining innocence. Abigail was a very strange girl but, her name was white as snow in the town of Salem, proving that she will still have a way to actually have no reason that anybody won’t believe her.…show more content…
Although, no one or thing is perfect, Abigail was still close to believing she had everything under control. In the website Wikiversity, the type of manipulation that Abigail used was called “Emotional Manipulation. In addition, the website inquires this type of manipulation as an “Emotional or psychological manipulation is a form of social influence where a perpetrator attempts to further their own purposes or agendas using manipulative techniques and deception, in order to obtain the assistance of another. Emotional manipulation can occur is [grammar?] many aspects of everyday life including in families, relationships and friendships, the workplace, in selling, and in a variety of other settings.” Moreover, manipulation is a great art of the book The Crucible. Abigail used the idea of a witch, which is extremely socially unacceptable and a great fear of Salem, to sink fright into their hearts and minds, causing many to go on edge of almost
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