Conflict In Children With Divorced Parents

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In discussion section, the researchers give explanation for the results obtained from their study. The first hypothesis is accepted since the findings support the statement. However, there is one conflict between findings obtained from parents and school teacher. It is because, teacher did not find any difference in level of problems between children with divorced and married parents, and while parents do find that there is a difference. In my opinion, people always have two faces to show to the world. One face which they shows to public or people that is not really close to them, while another face will be shown to parents, siblings, best friends or someone that is very close to them. This explanation might be the answer for the conflict arise,…show more content…
They states that girls with divorced parents have higher externalizing problems and they argue that the problems arise because of the pre-divorce condition and not because of parental divorce. The researcher gives marital conflict as an example to support their statement. I do agree with the researchers that marital conflict could be a reason for the external problems in those girls. Most of parents will be fighting physically or verbally whenever they are having conflict with each other and their child will be the victim in this case. Every child have a very fragile inner qualities that could be affected even if the problem is quite small for us. The experience and incidence they gone through during their childhood period will determine their future behaviour. Back to the case, when parents are fighting, the children will think that they are the cause why their parents are quarrelling and they might have thoughts that if they do not exist, their parents will not be like they used to be and things will be much more better. This thoughts could create a serious impairment in children’s behaviour internally or externally. Besides marital conflict, child abuse could also lead to externalizing problems in those girls. Perhaps, the way their parents treat them could lead them to act abnormally. Child abuse is well-known to cause problematic behaviour…show more content…
As said earlier, the sample size was obtained from another study and it might not reflect accurately the population that the researchers intended to study about, and another limitation is different way used to collect socioeconomic status from each respondents. Thus, the researcher should pick up their respondents more randomly and the sample size should be larger for their future studies, so that the findings could be generalized to the whole population being studied. The way data collected for each respondents should be same, in order to get reliable results or

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