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Global market segmentation refers to a process that involves grouping different consumers based on similar characteristics, values, needs and wants. Global market segmentation refers to a process that involves identifying specific segments, whether they are country groups or individual consumer groups of potential consumers with homogeneous attributes who are exhibiting similar responses to a company’s marketing mix. (V Kumar). Emirates Airlines are using Geographic segmentation but as well as demographic. International segmentation is done on the basis of different sets of criteria which include:
• Demographic segmentation:
Demographic segmentation refers to market segmentation that segment or group individuals based on their religion, gender,
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Emirates Airlines segment each customer or passenger in accordance to their age. Emirates segment their age according to infants, children and adults. Infants may be the age between 0 to 1 years old and the infants is required to sit on the parents lap or bassinet. Infants that are less than seven days old can only use Emirates Airlines services for emergency medical reasons. For children between the age of 1 to 3 can travel on board in car seats as long as a separate seat is purchased for the child. Tickets for children (as well as infants) between age of 2 to 11 are discounted from the full adult fare. Adults age range is 12 years old or more.
- Income and population: There is also no limit for the families, as long as the customers or passengers are able to pay for the ticket and can travel legally, then they can use Emirates airlines services. The income of Emirates Airlines is average based on their services. Customer with high or average income usually buys Emirates tickets.
- Gender segmentation: Both genders (male and female) can buy and use Emirates airline services. There is no specific gender that Emirates
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Differentiated Global Marketing is also referred to as Multi-segment Marketing (targeting) and this approach entails targeting two or more distinct market segments with multiple marketing mix offerings. Emirates airlines are using Differentiated Global Marketing (target strategies), because they don’t focus only on one single country. Emirates Airlines are targeting more 2 or more market segment and they are targeting different countries like countries in America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East. Emirates Airlines has a much greater potential in America and Europe for the reason that a greater number of countries in the continents has high class population. Therefore, the growth of high class in America and Europe will provide or create an opportunity for Emirates Airlines to improve by providing huge market potential. Emirates Airlines ranks first when it comes to

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