Examples Of Marriage In The Great Gatsby

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Marriage is supposed to be about true love and happiness but that is not the case for everyone. Whether the marriage is over ten years ago or five years of knowing each other, it should be for the purpose of love. In the novel Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the idea of marriage is shown throughout different ways. This story takes place in the summer of 1922 in Long Island New York. Nick Carraway narrates the marriage relationships of Daisy and Tom Buchanan, as well as Gatsby and the marriage of Myrtle and George Wilson. Fitzgerald portrays that marriage is not always real true love and is often for financial matters Daisy and Tom Buchanan's relationships shows how marriage is not always decided because of love but if often because of financial matters. The Buchanans are very different people once they're married and they both find out the truth about eachother quickly. Fitzgerald portrays that Daisy does not marry Tom because she loves him, it is because of his money. At first, Daisy thought she loved Tom but right before her wedding she received a letter from Gatsby and it made her realize she did not love Tom. The Buchanans are from the West side of Long Island a much wealthier and powerful lifestyle. Tom does not ever worry about not having a lot of money and never has to work, which is why Daisy had wanted to marry Tom. Daisy and Tom got married after only knowing each other for a few days. During the story, it's shown that…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald showed that marriage is not always what people think it is. Fitzgerald portrays that marriage is not always real true love but is often because of money. The novel proves that people who base marry off of money are the people that will never end up with a happy marriage. The idea of marriage can be depicted in many different ways and for different purposes. For some people, marriage is exactly what is best, but for other people it is for certain reasons that do not include true
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