Examples Of Martha Corey In The Crucible

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Rebecca Nurse And Martha Corey was judged unfairly in The Crucible. Rebecca Nurse was accused for murdering Ann Putnam’s seven babies. When really her children died just from birth.The reason Martha Corey was accused for bewitching Dr.Walcott’s pigs with her books. Every time Dr. Walcott got a new pig, the pig would die soon afterwards. Dr.Walcott accused her because he bought a pig from her and so after it died. He went to get his money back, but Martha said You know you 're supposed to feed a pig. It died by your own stupidity and I am not giving you a refund. I was wrongly accused when I lived in Jeannette. My friends and I were at a game when one of my friends had some alcohol. I told them i wanted to leave and they told me to hold the
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