Examples Of Martin Luther King Rhetoricacy

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Martin Luther King struggle can be construed as an advocacy for a good society. I say this because according to Merriam Webster dictionary, advocacy means the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal (Merriam Webster). During Martin Luther King’s life, he supported a major cause in the African American society which was the Civil Rights movement. Dr. Martin Luther King made many recommendations for a policy to be passed to stop institutionalized racism. Martin Luther King goal was to raise the public consciousness of racism. He also wanted to end racial discrimination and segregation in the United States. Dr. Martin Luther King’s biggest goal was racial equality. He spent majority of his life advocating these goals so that African Americans can have a better society. He ensured that the African American community had an equal opportunity in society as the other races in America. Martin Luther King dedicated his time to organizing campaigns, boycotts, and marches to bring awareness to the racism problem in America. I can agree that Dr. Martin Luther King struggle was an advocacy due to the obstacles that he faced during the time of the Civil Rights movement as well as the continuous racism of modern day society. Dr. Martin Luther King was successful in many ways with his advocacy to a good society, but as the years went by there were also flaws. I say that he was successful because he was able to get changes done in America for African Americans. A good society has
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