Examples Of Masculinity In Amores Perros

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I agree with the statement that one form of masculinity is exalted culturally than the others. To understand more, we need to be culturally and socially informed about the exploitation of this masculinity or ‘machismo’ in Mexican society. This can be described as a group of behaviours or even the roles that is associated in which a man acts. Though both sexes can demonstrate masculine like behaviour including courage, independence and assertiveness. Yet, these traits can vary by location and are influenced by social and cultural factors. This leads to an overemphasis on the masculinity and the power they have, also perhaps having a disregard for consequences and responsibility that they may have from this machismo. In society today, people are labelling each other and assumptions are made about genders and is part of socialization to meet the norms of the society. In this essay, I will discuss the depiction of masculinity in two Mexican films: Amores perros and y tu mamá también.

Amores perros Amores perros is composed of three separate narratives, which is centred on men and their relationships. Each one explores love in relation to different types of masculinity, as well as being represented with traditional discourses of race, class, wealth and poverty. Machismo is disappearing slowly as it quizzes traditional gender roles, and thus, produced a crisis of masculinity in public spaces. This is evident in the film where the males are struggling to pursue

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