Examples Of Masculinity In Movies

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Masculinity in Movies

Masculinity by definition is the possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men. Masculinity takes form in many different ways and is found in so many aspects of everyday life. We see masculine traits in police work, sports, armed forces, and many more areas. One place where we fail to recognize this trait is in the movie industry. Movies are a form of entertainment for most everyone so this stereotype we see goes unnoticed. We fail to analyze and go deeper into what we are watching. Movies especially over the past few decades are setting up serious stereotypes for our men and boys. Top rating movies with leading male roles tend to have those roles fall into a certain stereotypes. If the leading male role doesn't fall into a certain stereotype then the leading role tends to be a female, what does this say about our society? During the World War II era we saw a lot of war films. Everything was about the men we sent over seas. We saw a G.I. Joe character in everything. This character was what we might call now the Superhero type. This type engaged in high levels of violence in order to maintain that control and reach the goal in front of him. He was sought to be a hero defending our country. This went on throughout the whole WWII era and followed through the 1950s. Film
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This mostly targets men of color, usually showing them in an urban area. These characters are struggling to with their home situation and put up this very tough, intimidating front. With this stereotype comes a lot of assuming on what these men look, act, and feel like. This stereotype is so intimidating and rough that anything less wouldn't be manly. So the men and boys that watch these movies, especially men of color are held to a standard or are expected to be like that. This role is becoming more and more popular and although it shows perspective it has set up this stereotype for men of
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