Examples Of Masculinity In The Movie Troy

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Narcissism and masculinity in this movie is depicted in Troy’s character. This analysis of Troy’s character reveals how he expresses his masculinity through an act of betrayal, by cheating on Rose and what consequences such an act provokes. The essay will also take a look at the reason why Troy still cheats with the fact that he always have been faithful being a husband and the way he elucidates his infidelity. Narcissism is seen from Troy’s behavior when he ignores the argument that for the fifteen years he spent in prison has made him too old for major leagues in baseball, since to acknowledge that he was too old is to accept partial responsibility for not being able to play. For his blaming others allows him to cast himself as innocent in his own mind. He says as…show more content…
Though he does not blame Rose for this, he refuses to apologize for cheating. He says his conscience is clear. He rationalizes his infidelity with the idea that the pressures of his life as a provider have led him, quite naturally in his view, to find an outlet, as he tells his wife. His response to her anger and pain is an admission that the other woman offers an escape from his responsibilities. She makes him forget the endless repetition of his life for a few moments.
Troy portrays masculinity in the manner that since he is the head of the household, he needs to protect and provide for his family and nothing more. He has become indulged in a bottomless pit of self-pride; he has withheld his emotions from his family. To him nothing else matters as long as there is food on the table for his family. This proves Troy’s only concern is for his family’s wellbeing even if he doesn’t show his love; he only cares for their success. It should be said that Troy’s masculinity has become more than just pride, and it has spread to his emotions and has diminished any affection towards anyone.
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