Examples Of Maslow's Hierarchy In Gathering Blue

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In the book Gathering Blue, The characters go through the five stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy. There are five steps of the hierarchy, that Abraham Maslow made in 1943. He stated that these are the basic stepping stones for the average human. Here is the Hierarchy broken down.

He said firstly every human needed the Bare necessities, such as food and water. Once you’re good on food and water, You will have to have some kind of sense of safety, one example of safety is the basic need of shelter and health care, etc. You also have to find a sense of Belonging such as family or a spouse. Basically you should not be lonely and you should have someone significant in you life that you care about. In the book Gathering Blue there are some clear examples of this hierarchy being used by the author.

When Kira lost her mother in Gathering Blue, She has lost everything. She thought she had very little time before she either starved to death. Or the Village would condemn he to death because of her disability. She had basically lost all steps of Maslow’s Hierarchy. They had threatened to turn her land into a pen for children. When Kira steps into court against Vandara she thought she would lose the most basic step of Maslow’s Hierarchy ever, Just being alive. When Kira had won the trail
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She makes friends with a boy her age named Thomas. Thomas is a skilled carpenter, and Kira and him have been brought to the Council Of Edifice for the same reason. To use their god given talents to their full extent. I this Part of the book. Kira had in fact gained another two steps on the Triangle. She had reached Love and Belonging because she had found a friend and people that enjoy her company. She had also found self esteem, because she now knows of her capabilities and her extreme talent. So she feels good about
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