Examples Of Mass Hysteria In The Salem Witch Trials

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Mass Hysteria In the Salem Witch Trials Abigail is the one who starts the whole witch thing, when her and all the girl from the village were in the woods doing a ritual about who they wanted to marry. The girls didn't notice that someone had followed them into the woods and they were caught and a young child fell to her knees and into a comma. The townspeople thought it was to be witchcraft. Abigail didn't want the towns people to know so Abigail threatened the girls and told them if they were to talk she would kill them. This scene in the Salem Witch Trials relates to what had happened to a nun in germany when a nun fell to biting and meowing at her companions. It was thought that the devil had taken possession of the nuns. The matter began to be talked over…show more content…
In the Salem Witch Trials fear broke out town to town thinking witches lived among them in their towns. In Germany the nun’s in the nunneries were biting each other and themselves. When authorities decided to get “medical” treatment planing to beat any nun who dared to bite or meow at anyone things began to shape up. Nun’s stopped biting and meowing to not be beaten. No one wanted to be beaten in the dark ages. In the Salem Witch Trial people began to keep quiet because they were afraid that Abigail would say something and tell the guards that they were witches. They were afraid of being hung for being witches. In the Salem Witch trials each child began to follow Abigail and in Germany with the nuns they all started following each other and began to meow and bite. After the nuns were threatened to be beaten by the guards so the nuns all hushed up. In the Salem Witch Trials Abigail made the town hush up and the giesl because she would kill them or they would be
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