Examples Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby

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The “Great Gatsby” is indeed a superficial book; not only being able to capture the essence of being in the roaring twenties, but what makes it really amazing is the fact that it keeps being relevant to us from different time and different place. The story is based on the roaring twenties. It introduces us to the “lost generation” of America, which has “Loose moral codes” and is highly materialistic. The story follows the rise and fall of Gatsby’s American dream; which ends with a tragic ending. The major reason of the success of The Great Gatsby today is that the book itself has a strong resonance with us at the modern time, the issues being addressed in the book is everlasting. One of the examples is the theme of “Materialism”. From the age of roaring twenties till now, many of us are still being bothered by this specific issue. “PRICH” is what everyone wants. In the book, most of the characters are heavily materialistic, Including; Myrtle, Daisy and Jordan. The women in the book are heavily materialistic; they love m oney and can do anything for it. In the current society, many Chinese farmers are now leaving their farm land in order to pursue materialistic life in the east coast of China. They have strong desire for pursuing materialistic lifex In extension, another thing that we can keep in mind is the theme of the “immorality” in the book. One of the most obvious examples in the book would be Tom, his adultery with Myrtle Wilson. Tom has an affair with
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