Character Analysis Of Mayella In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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One's personal opinion About Mayella is thinking if she is powerful or not, but in one's opinion she's not powerful due to the fact that she's a woman living in a poor neighborhood but the only thing she has as an advantage is that she's white. She tries to keep control over herself and tries her best to look like a normal person and not looking like a lower class citizen. On the other hand, she is powerful because she is white and accused Tom Robinson of rape and she got away with it. She isn’t powerful really due to the fact that she lives in a broken down home with an abusive father and been hurt mentally and physically and she's been getting more and more abused toward her life. Mayella had to think of a way to stop being with him so she said Tom Robinson sexually abused her even though it was a lie due to the fact Tom Robinson never did. Mayella…show more content…
It's windows were merely open spaces in the walls…. What passed for a fence was bits of tree-limbs, broomsticks and tool shafts…. Enclosed by this barricade was a dirty yard….” (Chapter 17) This evidence supports the fact that Mayella is not powerful, due to the fact that she has not lived in a decent house nor a place. She was living in a run down home with a bunch of African Americans and which back then was not normal. Her home is not a very great area because it was once a Negro a house, but then the Ewell's began to live there, it's not surprising because the Ewell's are extremely poor and their children don't have a good education. There is fencing that wasn't that great either because their support was not strong enough to count as a fence to others because they just see it as a heap of trash. Mayella's house doesn't show that she is powerful because of how run down it is and not enough support comes to the house and it's right next to a garbage dump. One's personal opinion will agree that Mayella is
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