Examples Of Mccloskey's Objection To Theism

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McCloskey’s main objection to theism is the presence of evil in the world and he raises it several times. The language of this claim seems to imply that it is an example of the logical form of the problem. To best answer why there is evil; both physical and natural can be done by saying there is a God. He has given us freewill. Humans have the ability to stop there from being evil but choose not to. Next arises the question if there is free will, why is there natural evil? The most suitable solution to this question is as consequences of humans moral evil there is natural evil and suffering. Without freewill we would not be morally responsible or capable or loving or God. A robot made to love is not worth much compared to a living being who chooses to love!…show more content…
We would not be doing what is right “freely.” If this “righteous free will” were true then the point of laws, rewards and so forth would be pointless. There has to be an opposite for them to choose between. It possible that there cannot be a world containing moral good but no moral evil. Rather than looking at God and evil as incompatible the two should be seen as
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