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Before I evaluate I would like to discuss what media theory is, and how we use it. Theory is a systematic way of thinking, it is an idea used to justify a course of action. It describes reality, it’s a heuristic device and helps in understanding the world. It is grounded in epistemology. A theory in scientific terms is most familiar but it renders the same concept, it is an explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is obtained through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed, using a written, pre-defined, protocol of observations and experiments. Media theory refers to social-political-philosophical principles which question the relationship between media and society.

There are many different theories, I am first
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This type of experimentation is much more popular in the US. An example would be Albert Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiments. This was used to test if we learn to socially imitate through…show more content…
Objectivist theories are unbiased and modelled on natural science using quantitative methods, stats etc. It is a direct observation, the way we create knowledge about the world is how we observe the world around us. Interpretive theories, they are research tools themselves, they can be biased. They use qualitative methods, creating hypothesis not rules. They are based on observation and interpretation. A singular truth does not exist. Normative theory, the most broad and abstract. It is not pretending to be scientific, it is expectations of how things should be. It is pushing an agenda; all theories can be argued to be normative. For example, the two-step flow model; ‘’This theory asserts that information from the media moves in two distinct stages. First, individuals (opinion leaders) who pay close attention to the mass media and its messages receive the information. Opinion leaders pass on their own interpretations in addition to the actual media content. The term ‘personal influence’ was coined to refer to the process intervening between the media’s direct message and the audience’s ultimate

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