The Importance Of Environmental Awareness

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Awareness is having knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.
(Cambridge University Press, 2015) Visual awareness is the act of understanding and gaining knowledge of a situation or subject by the means of visual aids. This can be depicted through imagery and text. (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
Many forms of awareness are found within socities. Personal Awareness, informal awareness, social awareness, group-structural awareness, environmental awareness, workspace awareness and substance awareness such as: drug awareness are a few of the most common awarnesses found. (Licccardi et. Al. 2008, pg.2) This section
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(Greenberg et.
Al 1996, pg.3.)
Environmental Awareness is the act of understanding the fragility of the environment and its surroundings and the importance of its protection. Environmental Awareness is an essential part of the environmentalism movement’s success as it educates the public about the fragility of the environment and how indispensable it actually is, only after knowing this information, can society begin fixing the problems that threaten the environment. The key to promoting environmental awareness is knowledge of the environment. The easiest methods of providing the public with the knowledge needed are seen in the forms of inspirational and informational seminars, as well as environmental books and brochures. (Pachamama Alliance, 2015)
Drug awareness campaigns are forms of drug education across a larger population which educate societies about drugs and its negative consequences. It helps people, especially the youth identify drugs and its associations, and aims to prevent potential drug addiction and drug abuse. It aids in providing emphasis on the
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“People are exposed to meth on a daily basis, and are faced to question whether or not to try it. Many people precieve the usage of the drug may come with benefits, with minimal risks, this being the main cause of the problem.” The aim of the campaign is to provide the youth and young adults with facts about meth to allow them to make well-informed decisions when faced with an opportunity to try it. The intergrated campaign is designed to decrease meth use amongst the youth through an immersive multimedia experience by use of print, radio, online, mobile, social media and hard-hitting televison advertisements, which all graphically communicate the dangers of meth use. (Montana Meth Project. 2015)
The research within this chapter clearly demonstrates that drug addiction is indeed a major cause for concern, specifically Whoonga within the Durban townships. Based on the above research, in order for people to resist against drugs, they need to be made aware of the drug and the negative effects that come from using it. This can be portrayed in the form of awareness campaigns. Following the correct steps
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