Examples Of Mental Illness In The Tell Tale Heart

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The Mentally Disturbed
Have anyone ever read a story where the character seems extremely insane? Edgar Allan Poe’s writes about a narrator in his story “The Tell-Tale Heart” who is a bit frightening. “Is it not clear that I am not mad?”(64). The narrator repeats this question multiple times because he or she does not believe they are insane. In Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” the narrator shows the reader that he or she is mentally disturbed by describing what he or she does to the old man. The narrator stalked the old man seven nights in a row at midnight, but would not kill him because his eye was closed. “Every night at twelve o’ clock I slowly opened his door” (65). Whoever the narrator is, they admitted to stalking the old man in
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“Then I put the boards down again…no human eye could see that they had been moved” (66). This made it seem the narrator was confident with the crime, and everything went smoothly. “I led to them to the old man’s bedroom. As if playing a game with them I asked them to sit down and talk for a while” (67). At this point the narrator was becoming overconfident because he or she though they committed the perfect crime. “They knew! Now it was they who were playing a game with me” (67). Now the narrator thought the old man’s heart was still beating, and the police could hear it, but were now playing a game with him of her. The guilt finally got to the narrator making him extremely paranoid. All in all, the narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Heart” is mentally ill. The narrator stalked the old man for a week, watching him sleep. The eighth night everything went terribly wrong for the old man, that night many things changed. When things seem to be going smoothly, everything begins to fall
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