Examples Of Metamorphosis Of A Rajah Brooke's Butterfly

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Metamorphosis of a Rajah Brooke’s Butterfly
Insects are the most diverse invertebrate animals on Earth. Insects mostly can move about by flying, walking or swimming. Focusing on flying insect for instance is butterfly is an important herbivore and pollinator (Homer, McMillan, & Fierer, 2014). Defenders of Wildlife (2013) stated that butterflies are known as brightly-coloured flying insects with various colours and patterns of two pairs of wings from species to species. Butterfly has many different species and one of them is Rajah Brooke’s butterfly. According to Arkive Organization in 2005, its scientific name is Trogonoptera brookiana. It can be differentiated easily from other butterflies species because it has the unique jet black and green metallic triangle pattern on its wing. There are five stages in metamorphosis of Rajah Brooke’s butterfly namely laying eggs by adult female butterfly, hatching of an egg into a larva, protecting the larva with chrysalis, emerging an adult butterfly from the chrysalis and flying freely of an adult butterfly (The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, 2015).
The first stage in metamorphosis of a Rajah Brooke’s butterfly is laying eggs by the adult female butterfly. The eggs of the butterfly are also known as ‘upright eggs’. Layberry, Hall, and Lafontaine (2001) mentioned that ‘upright eggs’ has tiny pores that allow sperm entry which is identified as micropyles are clustered at the top of the egg. A Rajah Brooke’s butterfly

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