Examples Of Micro Environment Of Emirates Airlines

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Micro environment
The company I took interest in is Emirates airlines. I did extensive research on the successful airline company analysing the micro, market and macro environment of it starting with the micro.
The micro environment is the internal environment that will influence the performance of the business. Under the business policy falls the company’s vision, mission, goals and objectives and the organisational culture. The mission and vision of the business is to become the most innovative and admired airline company, to be known globally for providing the best quality service and to have loyal customers worldwide. The goal of the company is to provide quality not quantity having started off with two leased aeroplanes. Their goal is to also have top of the range technology and to beat their competitors but this is not always easy due to the extremely high prices of new advancements.
Their organisational culture and resources can be described as strong as they encourage differences in culture and nationality which boots productivity and encourages creativity. The company firmly believes that their employees are their greatest asset and acknowledge their importance in the staggering growth of the business and their staff are praised which encourage them to commit towards ongoing improvement.
Emirates airlines strive to have the best leadership and organisation in order to function successfully, like majority of businesses they also have their own business functions.

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