Examples Of Military Achievement Essay

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My most meaningful military achievement and how it relates to my field of study and future goals. My most meaningful achievement was joining the Army, deploying in defense of our nation to Afghanistan and being recognized for the positive impact I created on my fellow soldiers, NATO Allies and Afghan nationals. I used the skills I was acquiring while attending my university to influence my unit’s operations and help those in need. A soldier duty is always to his mission and nation, still, while deployed I felt the calling in my heart to help those in need. Together with a minute group of friends, I set up a plan to transform my wish into real actions. In just one year I made a positive impact on the life of fellow soldiers and foreign nationals which I now consider my family. After these,…show more content…
My sister passed away while I was deployed. Being only two brothers, we were real close. It was the most painful thing that ever happened to me. I was offered a reassignment back home since now I would be required to care for my sister’s children, however, I returned to Afghanistan. I used my loss as my motivation to help countless people in Afghanistan. It seemed difficult but using the Project Management techniques I was learning in university at the time, I managed to organize a schedule where we could take supplies on each mission to remote locations. The smile of children and adults alike were worth all efforts. Back on base, I was constantly trying to make disbursing operations more efficient. I ended up spending almost 26 weeks out on missions in just one year. Turns out I called a lot of attention and was featured on the Army News. I could not believe that a simple island person was now known by so numerous persons in Afghanistan, I was known as the Base Mayor. I had effectively helped create a kinder environment in a war zone. A year was now gone by and it was my time to leave
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