Examples Of Minimalism In American Literature

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AMERICAN LITERATURE Though American literature is rooted from the traditional English literature, which has managed to take on a personality of its own. However, the question of how a literature borrowed from a tradition in the same language could turn into something new has been raised. The answer should be traced back to the time when European settlers came to the North American continent to establish colonies. With an aspiration towards freedom from the controls existing in European countries, Americans, thus were associated in their mind with a dream of freedom and a quest for their own identity. Therefore, a significant reflection of dreams of freedom and quests for identity in American short fictions has made American literature not merely different but somehow unique. Because of the above, it will be remiss of me not to mention “minimalism” - a extraordinary writing practice that some American authors have used to free American literature itself from its precursor and explain its identity. Minimalism can basically be characterized by simple prose with open-ended conclusions, ambiguous narration and heavy dialogues with little to no exposition. Minimalism blurs the distinction between the story and its readers and insists that the story does not exist without the readers. The story takes place in the readers’ minds and the readers themselves have to become actively involved in it and imagine as much as the writer does. By relying on personal experience and
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