Examples Of Misogyny In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Essay “Shakespeare and Misogyny” A world where men dominate women. This idea was the basis of many Renaissance era dramas. Writers always used to perceive certain genders as having distinctive qualities and traits. Men were held up to a higher respect and given more violent roles than women. Their tough archetypes were always present in many plays and reinforced the idea of male superiority. This fact held true, especially for a certain tragic classic by William Shakespeare. There was a misogynistic mentality towards women in Romeo and Juliet, evident through the way women were shown as objects, portrayed as weak, and made to seem unable to dictate their own lives. Men in Romeo and Juliet could be seen acting like owners towards women. Women were seen as nothing more than possessions, as illustrated when Romeo first described Juliet as, “My lady…/my love” (II.ii.10). Romeo showed …show more content…

For instance, when Romeo and Juliet talked in Capulet’s orchard for the first time, Juliet left all the marriage plans to Romeo. She actually gave Romeo, a man, complete freedom to control her marriage. On the other hand, Capulet said that Juliet “will be ruled” when organizing her betrothal to Paris. Capulet’s message was that men’s decisions were final, as if women were obligated to obey. Meanwhile, when Juliet learned about her engagement to Paris and her nurse’s opinion on the marriage, the first thing she did was go “to the Friar to know his remedy” (III.v.241). Juliet was shown as incompetent when dealing with her problems by herself. The idea is further supported by what she said directly after, “If all else fails, myself have power to die” (III.v.242). This quote denounced women further by implying that their only solution to problems was suicide. Women were shown as unable to make their own choices in life, always needing a man in order to

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