Examples Of Mistakes In Fahrenheit 451

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"Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them." This quote is from Bruce Lee and expresses the concept that we all make mistakes, but what counts is realizing what they are and admitting that. In my opinion, we need to take this a step further and also attempt to fix our blunders once we realize that they are made. This concept was present in ancient Greece as well as today. The playwright Sophocles shows this in his play Antigone through the seer Teiresias. Owning up to your mistakes and trying to fix them shows you to be a good person. This truth has been proven true again and again in literature, as well as through personal observations, and experiences.
The famous literary classic, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury,
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For me personally, how quickly I admit that I am wrong about something depends largely on who was right. For example, when I realize that I am in the wrong while my little brother has been proven correct I'm kind of reluctant to admit it to him. I don't have that problem when that happens with my friends or teachers though. That is something that I personally need to work on so that I can become a better person. Recently, another example of someone admitting their faults was seen. Ms. Shumaker, our vice principal, during an assembly claimed responsibility for some of the problems see through the new midterm exam policy and took action to try and correct it so as not to penalized for her mistake. This not most likely hurt her pride a little bit but the result was that students and faculty probably see her as more trustworthy and fair now and also students who would be affected by her mistake are now not punished for her actions or lack of them therefore. Her owning up to her mistake and then trying to fix it have proved her to be a good person. In my eyes she has shown herself more trustworthy and honest and I'm now more likely to trust her

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