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Five social media mistakes that are killing your brand
Many brands still make big mistakes in their approach to social media. From spamming followers to neglecting customer service, here are the top five mistakes to avoid. 1. Not responding appropriately to negative feedback
Negative feedback is inevitable, but how you choose to respond reveals a great deal about your brand. Businesses may opt to ignore it, argue back or respond to the criticism.
Engaging in negative feedback (a la Amy's Baking Company) can damage your company’s reputation and lose followers. In addition, one of the biggest errors companies make in social media is disregarding any negative reviews and comments.
Don’t just ignore them. They will not go away. Even negative
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The tried-and-tested solution to being consistent in your social media marketing is to have a solid strategy in place. Make use of social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social to schedule content, analyse results and cooperate with team members. Users want to feel as if they’re interacting with one person, even if you have multiple people managing an account.
4. Promoting your products … constantly
Don’t become a social media braggart. Remember, no one actually likes to be sold to.
Too many brands still use social media as a billboard but there’s a time and place for promoting your products or services. To create a positive impact, a planned approach which balances creativity and consistency will enable you to promote your products without being too ‘salesy’.
Post contests, social proof, behind the scenes content, user generated images and news. Whatever you choose to communicate, you should give your customers a reason to follow and engage with your brand. Consider how you can build trust through genuinely valuable, quality content.
5. Buying fans is not cool.
The temptation to buy likes is understandable; it makes your page look more popular. For a short amount of
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