Examples Of Misunderstanding In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Misunderstandings happened all the time in our everyday life, they can happen at school when learning , or simply if someone had told you something you couldn’t quite understand. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird misunderstandings happen frequently as it’s told from a child’s point of view, and usually children don’t understand most of what going on because they’re still learning. As this confusion carries on in the novel , there are specific characters that get misunderstood often, these characters are ; Dill, Boo Radley, and Miss. Caroline.
When it comes down to misunderstanding you go a little too far to find out what you are trying to figure out and this is what happened to one of the characters.Dill is a young boy from Meridian, Mississippi who visits his aunt out in Maycomb in the summer. As he’s with Jem and Scout talking about himself and Dracula, Scout asked him where his father was, and Dill responded with ,“I haven’t got one”. This brought confusion to Scout because if he doesn’t have a father and his father isn’t dead then where was he. As a child you wouldn’t understand his situation and this is why it’s misunderstood because you wouldn’t know what he has been through in the past or even why he doesn’t have a dad. Another way that you can misunderstand something is when it comes from another person saying a rumor
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Miss Caroline, a very young 1st grade teacher, is a good example. She was from North Alabama and where she was teaching is in the south. At that time the south and the north where at war for and didn’t get along. This is why it was confusing for those kids because in their mind why would a teacher from the north want to be here in the south. There is really no telling the reasons behind that but only because they were from different parts of the U.S doesn't mean that individual is like the rest, but kids wouldn't understand

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