Examples Of Mob Mentality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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form of pure pressure because people are forced into doing something they would not usually do (Clay routledge, Ph.D.). Low self-esteem has a big rool in mob mentality, for many people in mobs usually are trying to find a way to let their anger out( Clay routledge, Ph.D.).One way mob mentality is showen in To Kill a Mockingbird is the jury and how the jury said Tom Robinson was guilty when they knew he was not, the jury said Tom was guilty because he is a black man.(Lee 211 ). Another example of mob mentality in To Kill A Mockingbird was when a mob came to the jail ( Lee 172). The mob had come to the jail to try and hurt Tom Robinson, but Scout stopped the mob by talking to Mr. cunningham about his family (Lee 174). Another historical influence
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