Modern Feminism Essay

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First, we should define feminism. Basically, feminism is a philosophy that advocates equal rights for women and men. The more feminists seek to overthrow any sign of male dominance in our society, to the point where they disapprove the biblical roles of husbands and wives, defending abortion, and so on. Modern feminism is a forged solution to the real issue of the inequality of women. Feminism assumes to itself the right to demand respect and equality in every aspect of life. The modern, feminists call women to rise up and rebel against the order that God has given to mankind. Feminism seeks to force humanistic values in direct opposition to the Word of God. Extensive feminist struggle cannot change the fact that it is women who bear children. A true feminist must feel it as a great injustice to womankind, that it is women, who bear children. However it is God’s will and nature’s urge that children are to be borne by women. An obvious fair solution, that feminists are too busy to implement, is that really free women concentrate on their…show more content…
Women and men are born equal, the feminists claim. Men and women are not equal. Not only are they different on the physical level but they also differ in almost every way they relate to the world around them. Men and women have different communication skills, different uses of their emotions and even different apprehension of pain. However just because men and women are different does not mean that one is better than the other, in fact the existence of humanity depends on these differences. And these differences are what we call complementary and they are part of the design of humanity. I am against feminism because I believe that equality and fair treatment should not be gender specific. And I don’t need feminism because I am just as strong and equally important as my male counterparts. I don’t need to constantly point out the fact that I’m female to make a point in
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