Reflection On The Odyssey

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Classical literature more specifically The Odyssey is still relatable even in today’s modern society. It has taught us things such as how we should treat one another and how to solve tough problems. It gives examples in the way people like Odysseus act and behaves wrongly then shows how those bad decisions affect the lives of the people around them. A book such as the Odyssey applies to our modern lives in ways not normally thought abought such as in our decision-making process, it teaches us to think of all the possible outcomes and to carefully choose or it could be detrimental to our lives.
In book ten Odysseus and his crew reach Aeolian island where King Aeolus lives with his wife and his six daughters and six sons. Aeolus hosted Odysseus for one month
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If he follows Odysseus’ example the team in charge of the project might not feel that it has to be completed by the new date and if a problem arises they will not be as quick to solve it due to not knowing the new project deadline. But if the new deadline is made clear to them they will be aware of when it is expected of them to be done and they will be more apt to work quickly and efficiently to finish the project on time. If what is learned here is applied to our own lives we can avoid difficult situations and the problems that may arise unnecessarily. If telling someone has no negatives or does not apply to them then don’t tell them but if what you know affects them and there is no harm in telling them than do.
In conclusion, the Odyssey is still very relevant and can be applied in many ways to our daily lives. Without sources of litterateur such as the Odyssey, we would have less understanding of what it was like to live in society during that day and age. The examples we are given of leadership based on the actions of characters in the literary work shows us how a leader should and should not
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