Examples Of Modern Society In The Giver

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“If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any Choices!” page 92 In the novel The Giver written by Lois Lowry is about how the Protagonist Jonas believes he is living in a “perfect society”,but shortly after Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory he realizes that the “perfect world” that he was living in wasn’t perfect at all. Later on Jonas sets off to escape and find a new world to live in and find hope instead of staying in the society he lives in. Although the society in The Giver is, in some ways, similar to modern Society, the difference in, feelings, choices, and individuality between the societies makes The Giver’s society a true dystopia.
To begin, the way each society celebrates birthdays reveals their attitudes towards individuality. For instance, when the societies each celebrate birthdays is different. In Jonas’s society, there is a community-wide ceremony held in December that acknowledges the passing of a year in age. As the narrator explained early on in the book, “Each December, all the new children born in the previous year turned One” (Lowry 11). This shows how the Giver’s society does not support individuality because it is a group ceremony instead of an individual celebration of each person. Modern society, on the contrary, celebrates birthdays on the actual anniversary of each person’s birth. Additionally, in the Giver’s society stops keeping track of age after the Ceremony of Twelve. In today 's society, although, celebrates birthdays until
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