Examples Of Modernism In City Of Glass

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The novel “City of Glass” by Paul Benjamin Auster has become one of the all-time classics in the metafictional and postmodern literature. By using many unique techniques, such as multiple characters bearing the same name, a phony narrator creating a sensation of genuine confusion for the reader, and miscellaneous nom de plume, he has succeeded in creating an overall anti-detective-metafictional novel within postmodernism. Furthermore, Paul Auster has accomplished creating a work which not only treats postmodernism, but also puts it in contrast to modernism. As such this essay will aim to conclude how metafiction and post-modernism is expressed through the anti-detective theme and style of Paul Auster 's "City of glass". The novel “City of Glass” is one of three novels in the book collection “The New York Trilogy”, the others being “Ghosts” and “The Locked Room”, all written in the 1980’s by Paul Auster. Paul Auster, whose real name is Paul Benjamin Auster, was born on the 3rd of February, 1947 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Therefore, upon the date of publication of the entire book collection in 1987 Paul Auster was 40 years old. Paul Auster graduated from Columbia University in 1970 and has written numerous novels apart from “The New York Trilogy”, not to mention various poems, screenplays and essays, and is generally famous for his postmodern style within crime fiction in which he addresses issues of an existentialistic nature, oftentimes including elements of
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