Examples Of Modernization In Modern Time

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According to sociology, modernization means the parallel development of economic, political and cultural processes which contributes to a better society. Only in the movie I did not detect any hints which can depict the political and cultural evolution. The lone thing I found is the industries which describe the economic growth. Before I write something more or less the movie MORDERN TIMES I would choose to perish for the background condition in which the flick was created. By reversing the page of history I came to know that the film was issued but before the 2nd world war which is called the Great Depression. The Great Depression had set about a decade before the war, leaving a lot of the world unemployed and desperate which is absolutely reflected in the film. At that time Capitalism introduced a new difference between the rich and pathetic. Getting back to the film, at the source of the picture show it depicts the delineation of a clock by which the producer wants to pronounce that the full process of modernity depends on the footing of a clock. Everything is operating around the clock in a modern social organization like the mill in which Charlie works clock decides what the doers will get along. The time when they will commence work, the time they will take lunch, even how many times they will move to the toilet are decided by the clock. And so it shows a fold of sheep jostling in their sheep pen, and looking sharp through a chute Instantly, the sheep dissolve

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