Examples Of Mood In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde shows off the Mysterious mood. Stevenson used many ways to show mystery. The book shows off this mood by using imagery, details, and diction. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson uses imagery to portray a mysterious mood. ¨The door was blistered and disdained.¨ That shows the door was dark and creepy. ¨The whole business looked apocryphal.¨ This showed the business wasn 't full proof. ¨She had an evil face.¨ Her face was dark and mysterious. These are a few examples of how imagery is used in the book.¨ In the book Stevenson creates a mysterious mood with diction. ¨Smoother by hypocrisy.¨ This is untrue and you don´t know the real meaning. ¨Sinister block of building.¨” The building looked dark and scary. ¨With
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