Examples Of Moral Conscience In Frankenstein

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In the novel "Frankenstein" the moral conscience of the main character Victor Frankenstein can be questioned several times. In several instances Victor Frankenstein puts his loved one's lives in danger throughout the entire novel. Also Victor Frankenstein sometimes feels little or no remorse from his actions that harm the people close to him. Victor Frankenstein never fully realizes that all of the horrendous events that happen to him and his loved ones stem from his creation of the monster he made at Ingolstadt. It is Victor Frankenstein's lack of a balanced moral conscience that leads to much of the tragedy in Mary Shelley's novel, "Frankenstein".

When Victor Frankenstein's brother William is murdered, Frankenstein is almost certain
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I cannot personally have the death of someone who is innocent be my fault because I refused to tell the truth. Also that is simply the right thing to do, Victor Frankenstein created the monster and angered it by neglecting it, now he should pay the price. I believe that Victor Frankenstein is truly upset about what happened and he feels bad. Frankenstein never intended to murder people with his creation he made, and also the fact that his creation is showing some "defects" upsets him greatly. The issue with Frankenstein's guilt and remorse though is if he feels like this he should have told the public about the true murderer instead of keeping this a secret. I wouldn't fully trust Frankenstein's word after this part of the book. Being able watch an innocent woman die know it's your own fault shows that you have no moral conscience and cannot be…show more content…
Victor never gave his creation a female companion which his monster needed greatly because no human women would ever love the monster. The monster was neglected and the best way to help the monster get love and attention would be by giving him a female companion. Victor also knew the monster would kill his wife if he didn't give him a female companion because the monster himself told him. When Victor leaves his life alone in the cabin the night of their marriage that was completely his fault, Victor himself knew that his creation would try to kill his wife that night and he left her vulnerable and alone. Victor Frankenstein could have avoided this entire situation in the first place if he had been his creation's companion and showed love for him, instead of neglect and
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