Reality In The Jungle

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Think about how people see or interpret the world, often times it 's more idealistic than realistic. The writers reveal a specific version of reality, to get the readers to recognize this they use themes, central ideas, and, stylistic choices. In the Jungle it shows you the horrendous conditions of meat factories. The unhealthy chemicals in flavors that are in our everyday foods as explained in Fast Food Nation. An in the text to Build a Fire which shows you how a person can be so idealistic they don 't see the reality that 's right in front, risky their own life. In the three sources provided, the authors reveals the truth of reality in the world.

The moral message each author portrays in the text ties into the realistic ways of the world. In the Jungle the author Sinclair paints a picture of the reality of these poor working conditions. Throughout the text Sinclair tries to show the readers that capitalism is bad. In the Jungle Sinclair
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The word natural sounds healthy but in reality it 's the same thing as artificial. The text to Build a Fire had similar themes to the other two sources but the reality is slightly different. In the other two sources it showed you the reality of a certain situation in this text it shows you how a person can be so idealistic they miss out on the reality. The author London in the text to Build a Fire shows you the man 's lack of imagination and his unwillingness to listen to other peoples advice. The man takes too much pride in his abilities and it doesn 't look at the realistic ways of nature. In the text to Build a Fire the author London says, "Fifty degrees below zero meant eighty-odd degrees of frost. It did not lead him to meditate upon his frailty as a creature
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