Examples Of Morality In Beowulf

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The morality of Beowulf In the book Beowulf does right and wrong that differs from what right and wrong actions he does in the movie. For example, how he lied,the actions with Grendel's mom, and actions with the Queen. These examples are different in both the book and the movie and shows that Beowulf in the book has a different personality than in the movie. First, Beowulf was supposed to go and kill Grendel’s mother. He sets out to find her and upon arrival Beowulf does not instantly start fighting her or try to kill her. She starts talking to Beowulf and is able to convince him into not killing her. So not only does Beowulf risk the lives and happiness in Herot, he also lies about it. He never said anything about not killing Grendel’s mother and instead he lets his followers think he completed his mission and that they are now safe from the monsters. This just immediately can make the viewers see that Beowulf has more negative morality in the movie than in the book. In the book…show more content…
For example, he lies, his actions with Grendel’s mother, and his actions with the Queen. All of these show how Beowulf’s morality is not exactly the same heroic qualities the reader remembers from the book. In the movie he seems to have more bad qualities. Beowulf is not really a bad person, but from watching the movie the viewer can assume that Beowulf is almost more human-like. When reading Beowulf the reader can see how he is such an epic hero and has all the good qualities like being heroic, brave, loyal, and being basically superior over ordinary humans. In the movie the change in his morality shows that just because he is a hero it does not mean that he is perfect nor does he not make any mistakes. After reading Beowulf, then watching it, the audience can see there are major differences between the morality of Beowulf from the book and the morality of Beowulf from the
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