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True Detective is a TV series which deals with many social problems in addition to the personal ones. The series is somehow based on the issue of morality both of the society and of the characters themselves. The relations between three characters of the series, Rust, Marty and Maggie, give the most concrete examples of this issue of morality. It can be said that there is a moral ambiguity in True Detective in relation to the things the characters have done. Thus, it is possible to examine this point from different perspectives like professional ethics and the morality of social institutions which includes relationships and marriage. For this purpose, I will examine the concept of morality mainly from Rust’s and Marty’s perspectives and I will also try to find an answer to the questions whether or not morality really exists in the series for the two of them and also whether Marty fulfills the requirements of morality as a believer or not.
First and foremost, it is important to know what the concept morality means for the two detectives. For Marty, morality has a relation with the religion, as a believer, he believes that there is something called Christian ethics but it is questionable if he obeys the rules of religious ethics or not. As for Rust, he does not believe that there is something like religion. Although Marty says it is the religion and religious morality that keep people far away from the crime, Rust simply regards religion as a fairy tale and advocates that if

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