Examples Of Motivation In Apple

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Motivation In Practice In An Organisation. Student Name: Irvan Sanghvi Student Number: 2248693 Module Name: Business Studies Title of the assignment: Introduction to Business Studies Teacher: Deirdre Colucci Table Of Contents Introduction History Background of the theories Application Conclusion Recommendations References Introduction Over the course of this essay, we are going to look at the basic concept of motivation in practice in an orginisation. This essay is based on Apple, Inc. This essay will talk about the history of the company, the theories of motivation and the application of motivation in the modern day for example in huge companies like apple. History of Apple Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They incorporated the company one year later in 1977.…show more content…
And Apple is worth as a leader, their strategy is a perfect example because they was not only getting employee to do something or fulfill their needs, but also getting these employees want to do and work for Apple. (Apple) Conclusion Motivating employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organization to achieve higher levels of output. Motivation is generally what energizes, maintains, and controls behavior. The role of motivation in the workplace is straightforward theoretically but is difficult to actually measure. Salary is often enough motivation to keep employees working for an orginisation, but it's not always enough to push them to fulfill their full potential. Motivated employees will retain a high level of innovation while producing higher-quality work at a higher level of efficiency. The opportunity cost in motivating employees is essentially zero.
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