Diversity In Multicultural Education

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Whenever I have an assignment that requires me to go into these classrooms first hand, I never know what to expect, not only from the students but also the teacher. Even though, I have some sort of idea as to what happens in a classroom setting, I was concerned that I would not know how to spot any forms of diversity going on in the classroom. Goals of multicultural education and school climate are a good start when it comes to teaching and learning about diversity or anything of the sort in the classroom.
From I have seen in the classroom, multicultural education is not only talking about racism, although that is a big factor when talking about multicultural education. From what I have experienced so far, multicultural education can be about poverty and privilege. As Nieto and Bode stated in Affirming Diversity, “Multicultural education not only affirms issues of identity and
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Race is a topic that should always be talked about in schools, but it also depends on the ages of the students’. For example, if a teacher were to go up to a sixteen-year-old, a sophomore in high school and ask them, “What is the difference between African American students and White students? Are both races seen as equals?” The high school student will most likely be able to give a valid, educational answer. While a ten-year-old fifth grader, will possibly just make a comment on the skin color. For example, since I did my observation during black history month, the teacher touched
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