Examples Of Multimodal Discourse Analysis In Advertising

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A multimodal discourse analysis will be used to interpret various concepts in the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) advertisement. The Kress and Van Leeuwen (2006) framework for interpreting visual signs will be utilised to analyse an advertisement with the purpose of indicating how visual and verbal signs in the advertisement are used to make meaning. It will also be used to indicate how visual and verbal signs are utilised and relate with each to make meaning.
The multimodal text is any text which uses more than one mode such as verbal and visual signs to create meaning (Kress & Van Leeuwan, 2006). These texts are analysed through multimodal discourse analysis to identify how verbal and visual signs relate within the text to create a meaningful message (Kress & Van Leeuwan, 2006). Kress and Van Leeuwan (2006) provide three interrelated systems which are used in the formation of multimodal text and the meaning within the text. These systems include informational value, salience and framing.
Informational value is the placement of various signs in the multimodal text and how this placement contributes to the meaning of the text (Kress & Van Leeuwan, 2006). The informational value includes new, given, ideal and real. Kress and Van leeuwan (2006) defines new as being the information which the viewer is unaware of and needs to pay more attention to. In the advertisement the new is the information stating that the bucket contains chicken, fries and hot wings
The given is the

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