Examples Of Murderers In Frankenstein

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On July 19, 1991, a man was convicted for the murders of seventeen men and boys. He dismembered their bodies, cooked their body parts, and eventually ate them. His name was Jeffrey Dahmer. At the age of eight Dahmer was molested by a neighborhood man. The trauma from his assault haunted him, and played a major role in his murders. Despite of the tragedy Dahmer went through as a child, he is a monster, although childhood trauma is never a justified reason for killing innocent people. In the romantic novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, the creature that Victor Frankenstein creates murders three innocent people. A person who is capable of executing such deeds is a monster. Monsters are created by the wrongs that have been committed against them. Mass murderers do not grow up in stable households. They are not the popular kids in school. They are not free from abuse. Monstrous deeds make monstrous people. Victor Frankenstein and his creature were both born pure. Victor grew up in an amazing childhood surrounded by compassion, and when the creature was born he was kind. The pureness that resided in both the creature and Frankenstein soon fades to evil. They become vengeful towards those who hurt them. The creature is abandoned by Frankenstein. He lacks the love that Victor receives. This fuels his revenge towards the Frankensteins and mankind. In his quest for vengeance, the creature causes four of Victor’s family members deaths. These cruel acts are what spark the anger
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