Examples Of My Best Friend Essay

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A best friend, by definition, is a person 's closest friend. Personally, all throughout my eighteen years of life, I 've had a multitude of best friends, all with distinguishable personalities. I met my first ever best friend in kindergarten. Of course, I 'm a lot older now and I don 't remember much about that time in my life, but I do remember how happy I was when I was around her. Her name was Harley and though we aren 't friends anymore, she was a big part of my life when I was younger. Our friendship ended pretty quickly though, and there were many more friends like her to come. It was something I could never wrap my head around, how you could go from being such close friends with someone, to never speaking to them ever again, slowly disappearing from their life without a single thought. To this day, I still don 't understand it, I don 't think I ever will. It got to a point where I thought I 'd never had a real, true best friend. Sure by definition I 've had plenty of friends that fit the description, but I believe a true 'best friend ' isn…show more content…
We Skype often and even watch Netflix together, usually watching either random sappy romance movies or The Office. If you would 've asked me at the beginning of our relationship if I thought any of this was possible, I would 've laughed. I haven 't ever done anything like this with anyone and never thought that I could, I have never felt so emotionally connected to someone before. She 's my best friend, thinking of a world without her seems dull and sad, and very lonely too. While we are very similar, we do have quite a few differences as well. For one, Lilah lives in a big city, while I have always lived in small, very rural and quiet towns. My best friend lives about 10 hours away from me, which to some isn 't that far, but to us, it feels like we live thousands of miles apart. We 've actually got plans to meet in just a little under a month and I don 't think I 've ever been excited
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