Embedded Assessment: My Cultural Identity

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Embedded Assessment 1: My Cultural Identity I remember when my great grandpa use to take I get coffee before school every morning at 6 when I was in elementary. I grew up in Carencro , Louisiana. I always lived across from my elementary school, which is Carencro Heights Elementary so my great grandpa would always walk me to school and walk me from school and they would have fried chicken cooked for me. I was the only great-grandchild so every grandchild they had at the time was old so image that for me. Im African-American. and so is the rest of my family. All my family speaks English and also French. My cultural identity is made up of food,race, and language. First of all, let me explain the food in my culture. For any family gathering, trust and believe there gonna have rice dressing and fried chicken with potato salad if you from Carencro. When I was younger, I usta eat fried chicken with sweet…show more content…
Race plays a big part of my cultural identity. Im African-American and so is my mom,grandma,grandpa,aunt,uncle,etc. Usually in my race when my mom Scarla Siner was 15 which is my age right now that 's not a good age to get pregnant,but she did and here I am now. I was the only great grandchild so everyone loved me. My race is strong because ive learned blacks have been through lots of obstacles. Blacks have been thru slavery, and after slavery still being treated like we don 't belong here. Im happy things have changed since then because id hate for it to still be that way because I have a lot of white friends that adore my black self. I’ve danced with my white friends since I was seven years old ,been going to dance competitions together, eating out, and sleeping over. Most of my race say they don 't like white people because they feel they better than us, but right now the fastest person in the world is black so I feel it shouldn 't matter we all equal. As you can see that is my
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